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StarLight provides affordable, prepaid internet connectivity to clients living or working in remote or under-serviced areas.   The StarLight solution is an ideal service for areas in which the quality of existing connectivity is inadequate.

StarLight offers professional users and small businesses superior broadband access, cloud services and IP telephony services over sub-Saharan Africa region.  Utilizing the IS28  Satellite we can offer bandwidth speeds of up to 512kbps upload and 16Mbps download.

StarLight is a Q-KON product; Q-KON  is a wholesale distributor for SkyeVine of data broadband services for Africa. Q-KON provides licensed ISP’s throughout Sub-Saharan Africa with the ability to provide ubiquitous, prepaid, unshaped Internet coverage governed by a pricing model based on usage to their customers.

This is a true “from Africa – for Africa – by Africa” solution for connectivity.